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SettingDescriptionDefault Value
hostaddressThe address the server will bind to.

Use :: to listen on all local IPv4 & IPv6 adapters.
Use to listen on all local IPv4 adapters.
hostnameThe hostname players will see in the server list.HappinessMP Server
listedWhether the server should be displayed on the server list.true
portPort the server will listen on.

Allowed Range: 1024 - 65535
maxplayersMaximum number of players the server will support.

Current max: 100
episodeSelect game episode to be used by server.

0 = IV
1 = TLAD
secretSecret used for encrypting client side resource files.changeme
loglevelSelect log level for console and log file.

0 = Trace
1 = Debug
2 = Info
3 = Warn
4 = Error
5 = Critical
6 = Off
chatWhether the standard chat provided by the client should be activated, usable with chat functions.true
resourceList of resources to be loaded.