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Meta File

The meta file is the heart of a resource. It defines which files should be loaded and how they should be loaded.

A simple meta file could look like this:

<meta type="lua">
<script type="client" src="main_cl.lua" />
<script type="server" src="main_sv.lua" />

<file src="UI/test.html" />
<file src="UI/script.js" />
  • The <meta> element is used to specify the scripting language of the resource (lua / squirrel).
  • Use <script> elements to specify the scripts to be loaded and define them as client / server or shared script.
    • Client scripts are stored encrypted in the server cache and are downloaded and executed by each connecting player.
    • Server scripts are executed exclusively by the server.
    • Shared scripts do both.
  • With <file> elements, you can define files that are to be downloaded by the client in their raw version and are required at a later time. This is necessary for WebUIs, for example.