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HappinessMP Update 1.4

· One min read

This blog post contains more detailed information about the new update.

New network concept

With this update I have implemented a new multithreading based networking concept with one main goal: performance. Both transmission and processing of network packets is now much faster and packet loss is practically zero. I hope this solves known problems such as the frequent failure to join a session.

FusionFix Support

Many people have asked for this, and now I can at least offer a solution, albeit not a perfect one. We now offer an alternative version of FusionFix that is compatible with HappinessMP. Unfortunately, due to the way HappinessMP works, this is technically the only option.


Full Changelog

  • new network concept
  • support for alternative fusionfix version
  • set dpi awareness for launcher to fix scaling issues
  • allow safe lua os library functions
  • add more network stats (F4 key)
  • fix natives with vector3 arg
  • fix server console colors
  • update vendors

Have a nice day. See you next time!